What makes a good leader?

According to Carol J. Carter‘s book, MAJORING IN THE REST OF YOUR LIFE 4TH EDITION, there are 12 attributes that makes a person a good leader.

Carol’s Summary:

  • Has a vision 
  • Makes decisions
  • Motivates others
  • Set goals
  • Plans and organizes
  • Listens carefully
  • Inspires people
  • Delegates responsibility
  • Shares credit
  • Is humble
  • Acts diplomatically
  • Recognizes others’ achievements and contributions
Steve Denning writes in the article, Steve Jobs: Management Innovator,”Given the dramatic changes in the world, we would expect organizations that meet customers’ needs and draw on the talents of those doing the work will flourish. That’s exactly what has happened. Hundreds of organizations all around the world are being run in a radically different way—a way that is more responsive to customers’ needs, that is more fun for people doing the work and which makes scads more money than running a company in the traditional way.The idea of running organizations in this radically different way has been around for some time. Like all fundamentally different ideas, it has had a difficult birth. The inertia of the status quo and ingrained habits and attitudes of existing practices treat revolutionary ideas as a threat and eject them. It is only as the old  order becomes increasingly unproductive that desperation eventually sets in and the new ideas have a chance to show what they can produce.”

Some information, with Carol J. Carter’s consent, from her book, MAJORING IN THE REST OF YOUR LIFE 4TH EDITION.


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